Corrugated Packaging Products – South America

Our packaging is developed according to customer’s needs and follows transportation and safety regulations. These products are available in a wide variety of designs, shapes and closures.

  • chapa01
    Corrugated Sheets

    Our products are offered to sheet plants in the packaging market. The sheets are made to meet each customer’s needs and are offered in various sizes, types of paper and specifications.

  • Paper ream box
    General Packaging

    Developed according to the customer’s needs, they can be used throughout the supply chain, from product packaging to the Point of Sale, ending the need for shipment packages in some cases

  • Caixa bovino
    Protein Packaging

    Modular packages for frozen and refrigerated products.

  • Container_1
    Bulk Packaging

    Developed according to the most stringent quality requirements, Container Packaging allows bulky products that require high resistance during the logistics process to be packaged and handled.

  • Page Duo Pack_1
    Bag in Box Packaging

    The perfect packaging solution for liquids or pastes, allowing them to be transported safely in high-strength plastic bags.

    Electronics Packaging

    Multi-functional packaging used throughout the supply chain, from product packaging to point of sale.

  • Plato_1
    Produce Packaging

    With different designs and a wide variety of models, Fruit & Vegetable Packaging is available in customized formats, perfect for packaging and handling all types of fruit and vegetables.