PRO-DESIGN®: perfect choice for color laser & inkjet printing

  • 1st choice for digital
    Designed for professional, high-speed applications.
  • Perfect consistency
    All papers manufactured on a single machine.
  • 99.99% jam-free guarantee
    Flawless results every time.
  • All professional applications
    Wide range of weights and sizes. Suitable for all finishing treatments.
  • Optimum environmental performance
    Certified by FSC and EU Ecolabel. Recyclable packaging.



Flawless results every time with the True Power Of One

What’s the biggest headache for printing professionals? Inconsistent paper quality.

With PRO-DESIGN it’s no longer a worry. The full product portfolio is manufactured on one machine – for consistency and worry-free printing. This is what we call the True Power of One.

  • One mill
  • One laboratory
  • One fiber source
  • One quality culture
  • One paper machine
  • One chemistry
  • One full portfolio

Discover here how the True Power of One can help you gain peace of mind and flawless results every time!



Celebrating the 15-year success story of PRO-DESIGN®

In 2017, International Paper marked the 15th anniversary of its PRO-DESIGN brand. Since coming onto the market PRO-DESIGN has established itself as a top-shelf product for full color, high quality, laser print applications.

Taking advantage of developments in high-speed inkjet technology, the PRO-DESIGN now provides the inkjet market with the same outstanding results that professional laser printers have depended on for a decade and a half.

This optimization thus expands options for the professional printing industry, and for desktop and office printer users too. To highlight this 15-year milestone, PRO-DESIGN now comes wrapped inside new, more elegant and modern packaging – showing the True Power of Design.

Now with ColorLok® technology

Long the proven choice for professional laser printers, PRO-DESIGN is now optimized to offer excellent results for high-speed inkjet printing as well. The key? ColorLok technology incorporated into the paper during manufacturing. During printing ColorLok interacts with the ink pigments to “lock” them at the surface.

In an inkjet printer, PRO-DESIGN with ColorLok provides more vivid colors, bolder and sharper blacks, faster drying time and reduced smearing. For laser printing, it delivers consistent sheet moisture content and surface smoothness. And the standard filler particle size reduces wear and tear on critical printer components.

There are other benefits too. They include validated surface electrical properties and improved performance to help reduce paper jams and misfeeds.

With this change, will the new product maintain its leading reputation for professional laser printing? No worries here. Blind tests conducted with laser equipment have demonstrated that the product performs as well as previously in laser applications.





99.99% jam-free guarantee

PRO-DESIGN brand has attained a 99.99% jam-free guarantee accreditation across the entire range.
This achievement provides a further endorsement of the product’s high performance standards. Thanks to supreme sheet formation, smooth surface and optimal stiffness, PRO-DESIGN guarantees 99.99% jam-free runnability – confirmed in multiple, in-depth tests conducted on leading printing systems and validated by customer feedback.

Share in our passion for paper

The following properties have a significant impact on the print quality of your work. They are the most closely monitored parameters during the manufacturing of PRO-DESIGN.

  • Smoothness: evenness of the paper surface
  • Formation: sheet uniformity
  • Whiteness: visual appearance of the sheet
  • Moisture: water content of the sheet
  • Curl: when a sheet curves, losing its ‘flatness’

PRO-DESIGN Share in our passion for paper

Enjoy the Colors!

Did you know that displaying graphics in color, rather than black & white, has a demonstrable positive effect on readers? PRO-DESIGN is developed to deliver maximum color impact, bringing your graphics to life with real flair. Here are some quick facts about colors.

  • Color visuals can actually increase the willingness to read something by up to 80%.
  • The reader’s attention doubles when advertisements are in color.
  • Color accelerates the process of learning and recollection by 78%
  • Up to 80% more is bought by readers when advertisements are in color.
  • Color presentation and collaterals were evaluated 60% better than black & white ones.

PRO-DESIGN Enjoy the colors