In Asia, we believe sustainability plays an important role in our operations.

Sustainability is beneficial to the company, as well as the environment.  Our customers have certain expectations above and beyond what they expect of many of our competitors, and sustainability is one of the ways we differentiate ourselves in the marketplace. 

Globally, we created voluntary 2020 sustainability goals. These goals set improvement targets that the company expects to hit by the year 2020 versus a 2010 baseline. For each of the targets we not only measure our progress, we also make the information public, so it’s available to anyone. This means we can be held accountable and clearly demonstrate our commitment to continuous improvement.

International Paper has also donated around $11.9 million to various causes. The focus of these grants is on those communities in which we operate. We try to do things that both build ties with the local people and reflect IP’s values.  For example, in the Beijing area we host an annual tree planting event with the China Green Foundation.

Finally, it is important for all of our employees to understand our goals as they relate to our operations, suppliers, communities and that when it comes to sustainability, we practice what we preach.  To learn more about International Paper’s initiatives, visit our global sustainability section.